Into the Woods Cast & Crew Spotlight: Jennifer Hutton, Elizabeth Rossen, and Norma Berger

Today we meet Jennifer Hutton and Elizabeth Rossen, who play the Ugly Stepsisters Lucinda and Florinda. We also meet Norma Berger, the Evil Stepmother, and learn a little bit about them and about their thoughts on the show!

Into the FOODS!

Join us Thursday, November 1, for a very special opening night celebration: Starting at 7:00 PM, meet us on the front porch and enjoy the fall weather while you snack on complimentary themed items such as Little Red’s Cranberry-Jalapeno dip (sweet but spicy, just like her!), Jack’s Magic Beans, Pastries from the Baker’s shop, Witch’s … Read moreInto the FOODS!

Into the Woods delayed, here comes Into the Foods

We are sad to announce that one of our lead actors has been hospitalized for a tonsil-related illness and is under strict doctor’s orders not to sing for seven days or risk permanently damaging his voice. The board values our volunteers’ health over anything, and has made the executive decision to delay the opening of … Read moreInto the Woods delayed, here comes Into the Foods