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Join the Acrosstown family! We’re even better than real families– after all, we almost never ruin your holidays or dress you funny. In summer of 2016, the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre will be reinvesting itself in membership, and in developing a repertory company. Membership brings many benefits– including special nights, discounts on shows and much more. Watch this space … Read more

Rent the Acrosstown

The Acrosstown is available to be rented on nights when our own events are not scheduled. Rates: Weekday Evenings (Mon-Thur): $50/hr (4 hour minimum). Weekend Evenings (Fri-Sun.): $75/hr (4 hour minimum) Our theater seats 75 patrons, has ample parking, and is an offbeat venue for meetings, concerts, performances (of almost any type!) and even weddings.

Board of Directors

The Board of the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the theater, unless rehearsals require the meeting to be held elsewhere or on the following Tuesday. See the ART Calendar for exact dates. Board meetings are open to the public, and those interested in renting the space or … Read more

ARTY (Acrosstown Youthtroupe)

You can read more about our past, current and future productions here. Like our page on Facebook! FREE Theatre Program for Middleschool, Highschool & College-aged Actors & Artists! The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre Youthtroupe (ARTY) seeks young actors and artists who want to get involved in community theater. The ART Youthtroupe’s goal is to promote and … Read more

Get Involved

We don’t just like you, we like like you. And we’d like to take our relationship to the next level.

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Don’t be shy, you were born to be a star! Although we are a repertory company, we do hold open auditions for shows. Auditions usually take place two-to-three months before a show opens. Auditions are normally held on a Sunday and a Monday at 7pm, sharp, at the Acrosstown– 619 South Main Street in the Baird … Read more

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Where is the Acrosstown?

The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre lives at 619 South Main Street in the Historic Baird Center in the South Main Arts District.

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