Online: Sunday Sci-Fi Serials

Sunday Sci-Fi Serials

Premiering weekly on YouTube

Sundays, June 21st – August 9th

The Sunday Sci-fi Serials, presented by the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, is a collective of writers who are each committed to creating new stories in the style of old serialized science fiction shows. This group will be writing new material and presenting it each week in readers style theatre online from June 21st to August 9th. Each writer will be working on their own series, which will be updated by episodes each week.
Join Sunday Sci-fi Serials each week to see new stories unfold before your very eyes.
“The Power Prism of Pandora Paragon” by Monica Cross
“The Truth About Santa” by Michael Glover
“Standby to Assist” by Chuck Lipsig
“Visionaire” by Suzanne Rose
“The Enigmatic Invader” by Will Taylor
“Gauntlet Duty” Jesse Vale
“The Adventures of the Fortuitous Five & The Case of the Missing Detective” by Derek Wohlust


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