Open Auditions: Trailer Park Elegy by Michael Presley Bobbitt

Open Auditions:
Sunday & Monday, July 9 & 10, 7:00 pm

Trailer Park Elegy

Written & Directed by Michael Presley Bobbitt

At the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre
619 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601

Performance dates: September 1-17, 2017

Don’t be shy, you were born to be a star! Join us at open auditions for the world premiere of this Gainesville-homegrown dramedy, Trailer Park Elegy by Michael Presley Bobbitt at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre!

While working at a trailer park to escape the publicity from a dark episode in his recent past, Elijah finds the cremated remains of a woman sitting forgotten on a shelf for the past 17 years. The effort to uncover the woman’s lost humanity pushes Elijah and his eccentric friends to the brink of ruin.

This dark, funny play explores the line in the sand beyond which we lose ourselves as human beings, and challenges the audience to find value in even the worst among us.


A man aged 30-? His physical stature is less important than his body language and posture. He carries himself with a timidity that comes out more often than he wants. He is intellectually assertive but physically reserved. Well-read and kind, he cares about the plight of others but often feels powerless to help.

Late 20s to 30s woman. Feminine but not afraid to be loud. Comfortable with profanity and skillful at its judicious use. A quiet intelligence and an understated strength, noticeable without being aggressive. Pretty. Dominant in her relationship with Elijah in a manner that isn’t overbearing or controlling.

Quirky and sarcastic. Quick-witted with an initially abrasive exterior that gives way to loyal appreciation of people.

Any ethnicity or age, though this part would be a stronger support of the narrative with an actor of color. A strong man that has lived a life of physical labor and is comfortable with himself and his position in the world. An introspective deep thinker that rarely shares his philosophies about life, but when he does they are thoughtful and relevant, often funny because of their aggressively obtuse nature.

Sham Sham:
An eccentric in his 50s or 60s. He is educated and fast with a turn of a phrase, though he often dumbs down his language to relate better to people. He pursues trivial endeavors that are beneath his education and wisdom, and seems to revel in the daily drama of the park.

ENSEMBLE (single actor) Lipsig, Chen, Mayor Palmer:
The town mayor and eccentric residents of the trailer park.

Sham Sham’s Goat Mabel:
A goat, preferably of good temperament and quiet disposition.

Auditions will be held at 7:00 pm on Sunday & Monday, July 9 & 10 at the theater– 619 South Main Street in the Baird Hardware complex, next door to Akira Wood and across from Heartwood Soundstage. You don’t have to be present both nights, but it doesn’t hurt. No prepared monologues required– expect cold readings from a provided script; dress comfortably and be prepared to move. Performance dates are September 1-17, 2017.

All races, colors, sizes, genders, gender-identies and experience levels welcome! If cast you will be compensated by the roar of applause and the joy of being part of the Acrosstown family.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions for Trailer Park Elegy!

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