The Underpants Reviewed in The Gainesville Sun’s Scene Magazine

We made it through with “innuendo intact,” but… but… but what about the weiners?! “The Underpants is a quirky, slightly subversive tale of temptation, flirtation and marital redemption. Plus it’s funny in a bloomers-on-parade sort of way.” Read the Scene’s entire review here (link opens in a new tab). And once you have, click here and … Read more

The Pillowman REVIEW in the Gainesville Sun

Don’t miss the show that the Gainesville Scene calls “well-acted, absorbing” —The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm, through May 8! Link to today’s article in the Gainesville Sun (link will open in a new window). Click here for more information, and to purchase your tickets today!

Hometown Knights Review by Sullivan Alfred-Sanford of the Daily GLOB!

Sullivan Alfred-Sanford of the Daily GLOB (Gator Lunch Out Blog– if you’re not getting it delivered to YOUR inbox each day, you’re missing out!) has much to say of our world premiere of Hometown Knights, and all of it, well, damned tasty. “well-seasoned and delicious“ “diverges from 2016 poltical campaigns by remaining engaging and entertaining“ … Read more

Hometown Knights Review in the Sun

In today’s Gainesville Sun, Ron Cunningham calls our world-premiere production of Hometown Knights “sufficiently witty to be chuckle worthy if not guffaw inducing.” But don’t take his word for it– the show continues two more weekends, and you can purchase online tickets right here! Read the entire review here!

Hometown Knights in the NEWS

The world premiere of Chuck Lipsig’s Hometown Knights is already getting people talking– and we don’t even open until tomorrow! See what Gainesville Downtown has to say about it here… And pick up a hard copy of today’s Gainesville Sun for a preview in Scene Magazine! Edit: Here’s the preview article in Gainesville Sun’s Scene … Read more

The Gainesville Sun Reviews Escape of the Unicorn

“The ART’s close quarters are well suited to de Chanson‘s confined universe. And director Jessica Arnold has selected a stellar cast for this intimate drama. “Dean Carvalho is masterful as de Chanson” “Jorge DeJesus artfully plays the foil to de Chanson’s bluster” “Mandalyn Fugate imbues Duchess Helene with a delicious tinge of evil” Read the … Read more

Shamrock McShane Reviews Escape of the Unicorn

“[James Sunwall’s] vision of the play is fully realized in Jessica Arnold’s beautiful production, brought to shimmering life by Dean Carvalho, Jorge DeJesus, Katina Dailey, Mandalyne Fugate, and Carolyne Salt. Meticulously crafted, serious yet playful, unflinching, unsentimental, and thought-provoking, Escape of the Unicorn pleasingly unites the page too long dormant with the stage where it … Read more

Gainesville Lunch Out Blog Reviews Escape of the Unicorn

“The ART has outdone itself with this production. The casting is incredible… Our suggestion is you see this play. It was intelligent, inspiring and insightful. In our opinion there should not be an empty seat at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre during this run.” Thank you, Gator GLOB! Read the whole review here: https://www.gatorglob.com/art-a-about/item/4430-art-about-escape-of-the-unicorn

Rare Author Sighting at Friday’s World Premiere of Escape of the Unicorn

Escape of the Unicorn stars, clockwise from top, Jorge DeJesus, Katina Dailey, Dean Carvalho and MandaLyn Fugate Author James Sunwall attended Friday’s premiere of Escape of the Unicorn, and gave it a rave review. “This is just how I pictured my play–” he shared, “only better!” I loved how you brought the characters to life, and added … Read more