These Shining Lives as Reviewed by Shamrock McShane

We’re in the arts; we always appreciate media spreading the word. But when a outstanding artist in his own right takes the time to write such a thoughtful (and thought-provoking) response to our most recent production, well, we get all verklempt.

“…this fine script in the hands of an outstanding company, like this one, becomes more than what Brecht would, albeit admiringly, label ‘lehrstucke,’ or ‘learning play;’ it becomes a work of art.”

“We have been warned that the play will begin as a fairy tale and end as a tragedy, but it is neither – unless you include us. Because then this production does raise the play to the level of tragedy. We become one with this ensemble from our midst, these working actors who are working people in real life. The director Laura Jackson has seamlessly molded the talents of her company with our fears and hopes and belief in each other. Because we are all we’ve got.”

~Shamrock McShane

Read everything he has to say here. And then be sure not to miss our next production (or any that follow!).

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