These Shining Lives in the Gator GLOB!

Many thanks to Mike Sanford of the Gainesville Gator Lunch Out Blog for his wonderful review of These Shining Lives! Here are a few excerpts:

“‘Lives’ shine brightest in darkest of times.”

“…I was totally captivated by Ms. Grimm’s portrayal of Catherine and the weight the character she carried on her shoulders.”

“I was enthralled with watching these women friends, pals of completely different bolts of cloth, standing up for each other, becoming stronger, ready to face terrible scenarios for each other.”

“I could keep talking on many different levels about this completely absorbing story. Better yet, I highly recommend you catch the performance during this last weekend of the production, and let’s meet for a discussion after wards.”

Read the review in its entirety here (and don’t forget to sign up for his wonderful newsletter!) and then get your tickets for one of the last three shows:

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