2016 Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights’ Showcase

December 8-11, 2016; various times

Our 2016-2017 Season marks the fourth anniversary of this not-to-be-missed event! For audiences, it’s the opportunity to see staged readings of local authors’ plays here– first– before they hit the big time! For local playwrights, it’s the opportunity to see how your play works with real actors and real audiences so that you can tweak it before submitting it for consideration as a mainstage event.

In prior years, we’ve enjoyed

Outside Daughter by Ann Magaha
After the Drums by Chuck Lipsig
Sandwich by Violet Asmuth
Small Town Knights by Chuck Lipsig
The Shortcut by Kenneth Brown and Rachel Wayne
Rest in Pieces by LeRoy Clark
The Truth about Joshua by LeRoy Clark
Turning Tables by Esteban Alvarez
Touching Paradise by John Bollinger
The Case of the Missing Numbers & The Serpent’s Tooth by Shamrock McShane
Buffalo 8 by Shannon Singley
The Fox by Suellen and Nolan Carey
Same Old Song by Sloane Henry
The Mad Scientist and His Wonderful Children by Chuck Lipsig

2014’s Small Town Knights by Chuck Lipsig, was revised, revamped and renamed to Hometown Knights, and appeared as a mainstage show in January of 2015.

This year’s selections include:

Thursday Evening 8pm:
Keith & the Eccentrics: Seeking Rose
By Cat Van Adams
Directed by Joan McDonald

A playful adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale, “The Six Servants.” The world is “Once Upon a Time” so reality takes a back seat as our heroes face the evil Antagna to win sweet Rose’s freedom. Will there be a happy ending? True love? Miracles, explosions, super powers, livestock*, deception, victories and maybe a little humor.
* No animals are harmed in the performing of this production.

Friday Evening 8pm:
By Aliza Einhorn
Directed by Meagan Reagle

It’s a love story. Twins who are not actual twins, a psychiatrist and a dog explore what it’s like to live, to love, to hurt and to be truly human.

Saturday Evening 8pm:
One-Act Stand:
A Comedy of Armageddons
By Chuck Lipsig
Directed by Robert Jones

Daisy Lott is the 20 year-old daughter of Job and Mona Lott, all three of whom believe in every apocalyptic theory there is, and have built a bunker to ride out whatever happens.

Dame daDA & the META Show
Written & Directed by Nichole Hamilton

Let’s get little intimate, get to know our meaningless little lives a little better, shall we? After all, whatever doesn’t kill you… lands you in the hospital.

Sunday Afternoon 5pm:
The Dead Lady on the Shelf (A trailer-park elegy)
Written & Directed by Michael Presley Bobbitt

Based, in part, on a true story and what can only be described as real people, this darkly funny and thoughtful play pays a visit to a bizarre trailer park community of characters who are faced with the problem of what, exactly, to do with the dead lady on the shelf.

Sunday Evening 8pm:
World Enough
By Robert Hugh Brown
Directed by Laura Jackson

“We’re all running from something,” says The Professor, a carny pitchman stuck on a dusty lot in 1949. And, indeed, the teenage girl that shows up to join the carnival is running away from her abusive father.  When the local Sheriff wrecks the Professor’s tent show in pursuit of the runaway, the Professor is forced to choose: give up, retire with his ex, and stop running… or embrace the road and the lively impresario of the carnival’s girlie show?

Tickets for individual events are $5 each (One Act Stand is considered a single event). However, a single, solitary $15 all-access pass gets you in to ALL events (plus a nifty, laminated keepsake ticket!). Because we do not have assigned seating, we recommend you arrive 30 minutes before showtime to secure your seat.

To get your all-access pass use the button below– four days, five events and SIX shows, all yours for just $2.50/show. Tickets for individual shows available at the door.

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