AUDITIONS: Escape of the Unicorn

“Escape of the Unicorn” Sep 3-20, 2015
By James Sunwall, Directed by Jessica Arnold

Auditions: Sunday & Monday, June 28 & 29, 7pm-9pm, at the theater

In the thirteenth century, in the year of the final crusade, the troubadour Robert de Chanson was imprisoned under sentence of death in the tower room of a castle in Southern France. In a single day, in this solitary room, come the issues of war and politics, the rights of women, the significance of art, the purpose of religion and the ultimate importance of life. Can Robert escape? What price will he pay? Find out in this world premiere play from U.F. professor James Sunwall.

Available Roles:
Priest, male age 30-70.
Robert de Chanson, male age 25-40
Princess, female age 15-30 (need to look young and/or play naive and innocent)
Duchess Helene, age 40-60
Amalthea, age 30-80

Cold readings from the script will be provided; dress comfortably and be prepared to move.

The Acrosstown is entirely volunteer-run and -operated, and all levels of experience are welcomed. Although auditions, by their very nature, require that performances and their suitability to any individual role be judged, we won’t judge YOU (except maybe to tell you how awesome you are). You’ll find that the people here are very warm and welcoming, and happy to read with you, whether it’s your first time on stage or your thousandth.

Backstage help is needed, too– please contact us if you would like to get involved!

If cast you will be compensated by the roar of applause and the joy of being part of the Acrosstown family 🙂