Submit a Play to our Next Season

Submissions to our 2024-2025 season are now closed  please come back next year!

Would you like to direct at the Acrosstown? Or do you know of a show that fits our mission that you would really like to see? Great, you’re in the right place! Fill in the brief form below, attach your script, and hit submit– it’s that simple!

If you don’t have an electronic version of your play, or if this form is malfunctioning, please give us a call at 352-BE IN ART or send an email to submissions AT We’ll figure something out 🙂

Please take the time to research your piece— just because you found it online doesn’t mean it doesn’t have royalties. Please read the fine print at the beginning of your play, and if royalty information is not listed there, at least do a search on and

If you are an out-of-town author, with no ties to our theater, (and no definitive reason for submitting to our theater, specifically), please refrain from submitting; we’re a volunteer-run organization, and as much as we would love to read your work, we simply don’t have the time to read everything that comes in (we wish we did!).

If you are a local playwright, please consider submitting to our Homegrown Local Playwrights’ Showcase. If your show has already been featured in Homegrown, please submit it here!

If you’d like to submit more than one work for consideration, please limit it to three; we want to give every submission the time it deserves.

Thank you– we look forward to reading your submission!

If this form doesn’t work, please contact us at marketing AT acrosstown DOT org so we can fix the issue; google and javascript don’t always play well together. Thank you so much 🙂

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    If yes to above, has it been in our Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights' Showcase?

    We prefer that previously unperformed plays go through our showcase for workshopping/tweaking).

    Are you interested in doing this as a mainstage play (three weekends) or as something shorter (one night or one weekend)?

    Could this be done as a black box production (limited set, limited time in the actual space)?

    In a few words, how does this play fit the Acrosstown's mission (given on the front page of this site)?

    In a few words, does this play serve any underserved communities, individuals or topics?

    Director (add clarification in notes, below, as necessary):

    If you wish to direct this or have someone in mind, what are your (or their) qualifications (prior directorial experience, education, etc.)?

    How much are royalties (per performance)? (Note: please be sure to research before assuming it's free!)

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