Catch this Unicorn before it Escapes Forever

The Gainesville Sun calls the cast “stellar” and Dean Carvalho “masterful” as de Chanson. The GLOB says the show is “intelligent, inspiring and insightful” and suggests that “there should not be an empty seat at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre during this run.” Shamrock McShane names this a “beautiful production, brought to shimmering life” and “meticulously crafted, … Read more

The Gainesville Sun Reviews Escape of the Unicorn

“The ART’s close quarters are well suited to de Chanson‘s confined universe. And director Jessica Arnold has selected a stellar cast for this intimate drama. “Dean Carvalho is masterful as de Chanson” “Jorge DeJesus artfully plays the foil to de Chanson’s bluster” “Mandalyn Fugate imbues Duchess Helene with a delicious tinge of evil” Read the … Read more