You Have the Right to Remain Dead Cast and Crew Spotlight: Trudy Marsh & Crew

Name: Trudy Marsh 
Role: Stage Manager
Hometown: Gainesville
Favorite Food: Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nuggets WITH KETCHUP
Hobbies: Building Tiny Models of National Parks
Favorite Play or Musical: The Sound of Music

What made you decide to start acting/working backstage?
I needed something to do after school and I found that the theatre is a place where I can be myself and not get made fun of (for the most part).

Who is your favorite co-star?
Ajax is my favorite cast member but Blanche is my best friend in the theatre. 

Do you have a fun backstage story?
One time, Ajax and myself were backstage and he taught me how to put on makeup. It was so fun and I felt so pretty! Then we took a bunch of photos and posted them all over the dressing rooms! Blanche made us take them down but I framed one of them and put it on my nightstand at home.  

If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I want to meet Thomas Edison so I can thank him for inventing the light bulb. Theatre would be pretty dark without him. 

Can you give us any hints to solve the mystery?
It’s all in the details. 

What is your favorite part of the play?
Just before it starts because that is when I get to do my best work making sure all the lights are working properly. 

How did you prepare for this role?
I studied the handbook: Hand Tools for Dummies

Do you feel personally connected to your character?
I think this question is a mistake. I’m just the stage manager.

What was the hardest thing to do when preparing for this production?
Avoiding dropping any lights on an actor. 

Do you have a life philosophy?
Sometimes you’re the one creating the spotlight and not in it, and that’s okay.

Name: Greta Jones Fairchild 
Role: Tech/Distant cousin on wall
Hometown: Dusky Crab Orchard, Kentucky
Favorite Food: banana pudding
Hobbies: bingo, bedazzling clothes, hanging outside Piggly Wiggly, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, gossiping
Favorite Play or Musical: Oklahoma, used to watch it once a year on tv with grandma

Started working backstage because…
Some actors came to town to do research for the play, and I served them sweet tea at Ma’s Diner. We got to talking and one of them seemed to be friendly and kind of sweet-like, he reminded me of a puppy I had once that paw kicked so much he shied around any human but he couldn’t help himself and he came around humans anyway just hoping for a little bit of love. I had just divorced my high school sweetheart (he ran off with Mindy Sanders from the DQ) and this man, Arnold, was real kind, smiling once in my general direction, and leaving a $5 tip. I asked the director if it was ok to come work there, I ain’t got nothing better to do now that my kids are grown. It was really my ticket out of there. I rode out with them in their van, after I packed my pink suitcase. It was crowded and when they weren’t playing their parts they seemed very big-city-like. I felt more comfortable when they were rehearsing. I sleep in the back of the theater. It hasn’t worked out very well, Arnold just moons after his ex-wife who doesn’t care a lick about him, while I moon after Arnold who doesn’t even notice me.  I kinda started talking to Trudy, she’s a nice girl.

Favorite co-star: Arnold

Fun backstage story:

Steve put his coonskin cap in the refrigerator because it was all sweaty and at the end of the night I pulled it out to skin it for supper (I cook on a hot plate in the back) but then I realized it was just a hat so I ate some leftover potato salad instead.

If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I’d meet my great grandma Emmiline. She is the family magic maker and Lord knows I need some magic.

Can you give us any hints to solve the mystery?
No hints no way! I may be a gossip but my mama taught me how to keep a secret.

Favorite part of the play: “I have arrived in all my splendor”

How did you prepare for this role? 
I didn’t. I just jumped right in. A Kentucky girl can do almost anything she sets her mind to. I hope y’all enjoy the show!