Rare author sighting at tonight’s world premier! Join us!

Escape of the Unicorn stars, clockwise from top, Jorge DeJesus, Katina Dailey, Dean Carvalho and MandaLyn Fugate TONIGHT – OPENING NIGHT! MEET AUTHOR JAMES SUNWALL Author James Sunwall attended last night’s dress rehearsal of Escape of the Unicorn, and gives it a rave review. “This is just how I pictured my play–” he shared, “only better!” … Read more

Michael Presley Bobbitt reviews the Acrosstown Repertory Theater’s Production of A Piece of My Heart

Many thanks to Michael Presley Bobbitt for seeing A Piece of My Heart— twice!– and giving it such a glowing review! Michael recently wrote and starred in Across the River at The SALT.  The ART’s current production of A Piece of My Heart caught me by surprise. After wading through the kiddie pool that was … Read more