2021 | 02 Seven Sides of Shakespeare: A Film by Tom Miller

Seven Sides of Shakespeare:

A Film by Tom Miller

Starring Shamrock McShane


February 21, 2021

A special screening of “Seven Sides of Shakespeare: A Film by Tom Miller”, starring Shamrock McShane. Doors open at 7:30, the film will begin at 8pm. Beer and wine will be available for purchase before the show. The actor and director will be in attendance and will hold a talk-back after the screening.

Masks required; limited capacity and social distancing guidelines will be followed. Tickets are only $10 and will only be available online, no sales at the door. Only 15 seats available.

In the Time of the Plague. Everyone is wearing a mask, including the ACTOR. He’s a long way from Chicago. He’s old now too and the plague is a special threat to him. Not just because it might kill him, but because it has already killed his way of life.  So, he’s looking back, in the foreground is Chicago and his own crooked path that leads south into a swamp, but constantly and gloriously thrusting into the picture is Shakespeare’s theatre. And the characters that Shakespeare wrote start to blend with actors who played them.

Ironically, the play of Seven Sides of Shakespeare had just closed when the plague shut all the theatres down and quarantines went into effect. It had all happened before. To Shakespeare. He retreated to the theatre in his mind. He wrote King Lear then, which is an apocalyptic play. So is this. A man alone, sometimes on a stage and sometimes the stage disappears. The ACTOR takes off his mask and speaks to the audience in his mind.

Funded in part by Visit Gainesville, Alachua County