ARTY The Fantasist

THE ART Youth Troupe’s debut performance was  The Fantasist by Randy Wyatt on June 12 and 13, 2015.  The performance was directed by Gabriel Hughes-Trinity and produced by Sunny Skye Hughes-Trinity

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You can watch a video of our performance here.


Meet The Fantasist Cast and Crew:

Liz Arnold


Liz Arnold ARTY

Liz Arnold’s favorite subjects are Writing and Reading/Literature.  Liz is an avid tennis player, and she loves to create art, either visual art or performance art, on the stage.  Liz has performed in a number of musical comedies, starring as Callie (Annie) and Patty Simcox (Grease) in the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Broadway Adventure, as Lemurina and Sonya the Bear in a Jordan Glen adaptation of Madagascar, and most recently as the orphan, Jim, in Peter and the Star Catcher.  Liz is a member of the Hippodrome State Theatre’s Teen Ensemble and was recently cast in the roles of a Inuit hunter, Atata, and an Inuit youth, Motomiyak, in the drama, The Ice Wolf.  Liz says one of her favorite stage roles to date was as Diamond Teeth Mary in We Haz Jazz when she sang “The Walking Blues.”  Liz most recently worked with ARTY as an understudy for The Fantasist.

Emmary Barnett


Emmary Barnette ARTY

Emmary enjoys reading, dancing and music. Some of her previous roles include Alice in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Becky in The Homecoming, both performed at High Springs Playhouse. Emmary’s most recent performance was as Jessica/Evelyn in Mutually Assured Disaster at Cofrin Theater under the direction of Dr. William Eyerly. She would like to thank her family for their ongoing support and especially her mother for always encouraging her to achieve her goals.  Emmary most recently appeared at the ART in the role of “Shambala” in The Fantasist.


Lucie Labrada

“The Snow Lion”

Lucie Labrada ARTY

Lucie is a costume and makeup designer for 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  Lucie Labrada recently relocated from Chicago, where she spent a good portion of her childhood pretending to be a cat. She is so excited to put all that practice to good use as the Snow Lion. This is her first appearance on stage in Gainesville, although she’s done a lot of behind the scenes work as a Costuming Assistant at the Hippodrome Theater. She also has training with weapons as a member of the Thieves Guilde stage combat troupe. In her free time she enjoys video games, special effects makeup, photography, playing instruments, listening to music, and procrastinating.  Lucie most recently played “The Snow Lion” in The Fantasist.

Saylor McKinley

“The Ancient”

Saylor McKinley ARTY

This is Saylor McKinley’s first time performing in theater, though he has helped out with two other shows at the A.R.T., and plans to be back next season for more shows. Saylor isn’t unused to the stage though, as he has been a member of the Gainesville Youth Chorus for almost five years.  Saylor most recently appeared on the ART stage in role of “The Ancient” in The Fantasist.

Skyler Pemberton

“The Prince”

Skyler Pemberton ARTY

Skyler is playing “Sam” in 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  Skyler Pemberton was born in Orlando, Florida, but moved to Gainesville as soon as he could. His first acting gig was in Maine, playing Pa in the musical Give Thanks To America. Skyler studied theatre arts at Expressions Learning Arts Academy, where he performed in A Midsummer Night’s DreamDear Edwina and Romeo and Juliet. In 2014, Skyler was accepted into the Hippodrome Teen Ensemble and then the Youth Troupe at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre. Skyler enjoy traveling, eating, and technology. He says he loves acting and it is one of his favorite things to do. Skyler most recently played “The Prince” in The Fantasist.

Doug Poole

Lighting Operator


Doug Poole is involved in local performing arts and joined our troupe as a lighting operator. When not in the theater, you can find Doug at the pool – he dives year round and is on the PKY Varsity Swim and Dive team. Doug most recently was involved in ARTY as the sound operator for The Fantasist.

Megan Poole


Megan Poole ARTY

Megan is excited to be in The Fantasist as Floriad. This is her first production with ARTY.  She just got done playing the tomboy character, Anybody’s in West Side Story and  is looking forward to going to Oklahoma City University Musical Theatre program this summer. Megan grew up in community theater in Tampa, and this is her first time back on the community theater stage since moving to Gainesville in 2011.  She will be a junior in HS this coming fall at PKY.  She wishes the cast the best and thankful to all of her teachers, friends, family and God.  Megan most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of “Florida” in The Fantasist.

Brianna Reichert

Sound Operator


Brianna is the assistant director for 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Brianna started acting/singing in elementary school in seasonal shows an plays such as “ Annie”,“Red riding hood” ext. She has won several superior metals at MPA competitions since middle school for solo and group chorus. She has performed at The Cravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach on several occasions. Since moving to Gainesville Brianna has been in many plays including “The Little Mermaid” , “The Color Purple”, “Fairytale Courtroom”, “ Four Little Girls- Birmingham”, “All Shook Up”, “Grease”, and more. Brianna also enjoys doing theatrical makeup and hair.  Brianna most recently was the sound operator for The Fantasist at ART.

Kadence Reichert

Sun Wolf Understudy

ARTY Kadence Reichert

Kadence is playing a zombie in 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  Kadence is thrilled to be involved with the ART Youth Troupe.  She has been seen in many local children’s theater productions and events. Some of her favorite recent roles include Kelsi in High School Musical, Flounder in The Little Mermaid, and she was thrilled to have a vocal solo in the Star Center’s Production of Rock Toyz. Kadence is a performer taking part in the Family Fun Nights recently instituted at the local McDonald’s franchises playing violin with a string ensemble. She also recently appeared as a vocal soloist at the Star Center’s Crystal Gala and a Pianist at Duval for their History of Florida Program. Kady wishes to thank her family and friends for their support and love.  Kadence most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of the “Sun Wolf” in The Fantasist.

Ashley Rocha


Ashely Rocha ARTY

Ashley Rocha is an honors student at Santa Fe College, studying Environmental Science and Theatre. She recently played Tiffany in Sandwich during the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre’s 2015 Local Play Festival. She can also be seen as a robot during the ART’s 2015-2016 season production of Rossum’s Universal Robots, which debuts July 23rd. When she’s not acting, Ashley spends her time studying and getting involved in school and in the community. She is the Executive Vice President of Santa Fe’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter and interned with the Alachua Conservation Trust this past Spring semester. In the past she has been an Academic Senator for the Natural Sciences in Student Government, participated as a Site Leader in UF’s MLK Day of Service, and has traveled with Santa Fe College to work with the Guana Tolomato National Estuarine Research Reserve in Ponte Vedra, Florida. She would like to thank everyone at ART for kindly welcoming her this year and her family and friends for their endless support.  Ashley most recently played “Tennebrooke” in The Fantasist.


Niyan Smith
“The Ice Queen”
Niyan was last seen as one of the Shark girls in West Side Story. Niyan is a competitive dancer, and loves theater. She is involved in Speech and Debate Club and Student Government.  Niyan most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of “The Ice Queen” in The Fantasist.

Madeline Elyse Smyth

“Sun Wolf”

Maddy Smythe ARTY

Maddie is excited to be part of the Acrosstown Repertory Theater’s Youth Troupe and thanks everyone for this new opportunity. Although this is Madeline’s first time appearing with the Acrosstown Repertory Theater she isn’t a stranger to performing. Maddie first set foot the Phillips Center Mainstage at the age of 7 as a Lost Boy in Peter Pan and hasn’t looked back. Now at the tender age of 10 she has numerous theatrical and vocal credits to her name. Maddie can often be seen singing at local events around Gainesville.  Recently she performed at fundraisers for the Fine Arts Council, sung the National Anthem at the O’Connell Center, and taken part as a performer celebrating the Star Center’s Crystal Anniversary.  Some theatrical credits include Rock Toyz (Crush/Actor’s Warehouse) A Christmas Carol (Belinda Cratchit/The Hippodrome) The Little Mermaid (Ariel/The Actor’s Warehouse), Shrek the Musical (Young Fiona/Phillips Center) and The Island (Rowen/The Cofrin Theater). A straight “A” student in a local Magnet program, Maddie loves to read, play piano, spend time with her pets, write songs and be with her friends. Maddie would like to thank her parents, her brother, and her friends who have always been there for her and supported her.  Madeline most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of the “Sun Wolf” in The Fantasist.


Tyler Michael Smyth

“The Gnome”

Tyler Smythe ARTY

Tyler thanks everyone at Acrosstown Repertory for including him in their Youth Troupe. He is excited to play the part of the Gnome in The Fantasists.  A Middle School Student at one of the local gifted magnets, Tyler is an experienced musician, playing both piano and percussion. He also enjoys singing and acting. Ty was recently seen as the Wizard on the Phillips Center Mainstage (Wizard of Oz) and has appeared in several other local productions. Some favorite roles included Grimsby (Little Mermaid/Actor’s Warehouse) and Steve (Good Times are Killing Me/Actor’s Warehouse). A fan of Doctor Who, Minecraft, and FNAF, Ty is an avid video gamer who loves to read and write. Tyler enjoys taking the stage and performing for fun. He thanks his Parents, Sister and Friends for their love and support.  Tyler most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of “The Gnome” in The Fantasist.

Sydni Solomon


Sydney Solomon ARTY

Hi I’m Sydni and this is my first year doing a production at Acrosstown Repertory Theatre and I love it! I have been acting since basically I could talk because it helps me to express who I am and have self-confidence. I went to a lot of drama camps over the summer including Camp Broadway, two camps at Oak Hall taught by Dr. William Eyerly, and I have learned a lot. I also am in the Teen Ensemble at the Hippodrome. I have done a lot of acting at High Springs Community Theater and if you went to the last youth production you may know me as Mother Goose. This time however, I won’t be playing a goose, I will be playing Somnia. Besides acting, I love to play volleyball, sing, hang out with my friends (some of which are in the play like Emmary and Skyler), and make new friends like I did with this awesome cast. I would like to thank all the Sydni Beans…no not kidney beans, Sydni Beans which is what I call the supporters who are there for me every step of the way. Finally, my two ­­chauffeurs, my mom and my dad! I hope you enjoy the show as well as my performance! 😀  Sydni most recently appeared onstage at the ART in the role of “Somnia” in The Fantasist.


Annelise Mahala Trinity 

Stage Manager

Annelise Trinity ARTY

This is Annelise Trinity’s first production, although she has studied theatre. She is interested in theatrical costume design.  She also likes to listen to musical soundtracks.  She is known for  binge-watching Supernatural or anime. She enjoys playing with her pet frizzle chickens.  Annelise most recently was involved in the ART production of The Fantasist as a stage manager.

Mary Whited

“Spirit of Fantasy”

Mary Whited ARTY

Mary lives in White Springs, FL near the world famous Suwannee River. Mary is the only daughter of Tim and Holly Whited. Starting in 2015 Mary studied acting at the Hippodrome Theatre and hip-hop along with ballet at Pofahl Dance Studios both in Gainesville, FL.  Since 2014, Mary has trained at Sun Country Sports Center in Gainesville, FL and is currently a level 4 gymnast.  Mary started Gymnastics in 2013 at Fancy Dancer/Florida School of Gymnastics in Lake City, FL.  On March 21, 2015 Mary was crowned Miss Wild Azalea 2015 to represent her hometown of White Springs, FL.  Mary most recently appeared onstage at the ART as “The Spirit of Fantasy” in The Fantasist.

Sunny Skye Hughes-Trinity


Sunny Skye Hughes

ARTY Chair and Producer

Sunny Skye Hughes, Ph.D. is the Secretary of the ART Board of Directors and also chairs the new ART Youth Troupe.  She participated in theater throughout high school and made her stage-debut at the ART in the 2015 production of Kimberly Akimbo. She also produced projections and sound for the 2014 production of Sherlock Holmes and The Suicide Club. She teaches courses in public speaking at Santa Fe Community College and the University of Florida. Hughes has also worked in public broadcasting and commercial television news.  In 2010, her original documentary, ““The Way It Is:  The State of Journalism in Maine” aired on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.  In 2011, Hughes was the media point person and created the website for Occupy Bangor.  Hughes spends her free time with her husband and three teenagers in Gainesville, Florida where she stays busy with gardening, art and adventures in nature.  Sunny produced the June debut ARTY production of The Fantasist and most recently appeared onstage in the ART’s Banned Books performance.

Gabriel Hughes-Trinity


ARTY Chair and Director